An experiment that turned into something wonderful – ‘REC’, a short film by Tent Cinema

An experiment is often a bold step into the unknown, unseen and unheard. Adarsh Eshwarappa has ventured into this unchartered territory many times and this too is another such experiment that promises to take the audience on a wonderful journey.

A short movie normally comes with a story that turns into a script and then eventually into a screenplay, which gets depicted on screen. This status quo has been challenged here with a bold concept in this short movie made by Tent Cinema students.

Adarsh Eshwarappa of Shuddhi and Bhinna fame is a core faculty at Tent Cinema, teaching the students about various subjects such as scriptwriting, direction, and editing, among other facets of cinema. Adarsh also had directed another short movie for Tent Cinema called “Warriors” that has garnered great critical acclaim. It is during the shooting of this short film, that the idea of “REC” was born. During the course of the shoot; Adarsh discovered that the actors in the film were very self-conscious during the shoot; an inhibition that was absent in the rehearsals. As a result, a lot of the intensity of the script was lost in translation. He then took to improvisation techniques that helped these first-time actors transition to producing stellar performances in the short movie.

Then this thought struck Adarsh, “Why not experiment with the same technique?” That is how the concept of “REC” was born. “REC” is a completely experimental film that comprises of a single shot. This 13-minute short movie has a story, but not a script. Everything has evolved from improvisation, giving a fresh take on cinematic expression. The actors in this short movie are all young acting students who were acting on camera for the first time. Adarsh Eshwarappa, being an engineer himself, found it very exciting to work with these budding artists who are also engineers.

The story and the improvisation sessions based on scenarios, gave the students a unique experience, allowing them creative freedom and unleashing their natural expressions. Adarsh goes to explain that this concept added a lot of authenticity to the whole process since there were no set dialogues that needed to be delivered. This short movie that runs for thirteen minutes is a comic gig that is sure to tickle your ribs.

The entire short movie is shot on sync sound; Nithin Lucas is the sound Engineer (sound engineer for movies such as Shuddhi and Bhinna). There is no element of music involved in this is a short movie.

All in all, this experiment has helped both Adarsh and the young talented actors explore their skills and learn on the go. Adarsh reflects that every take of this film has the potential to be a short movie of its own, making the whole process a vibrant and wonderful adventure.

Adarsh summarises “REC” is a unique, truly experimental film and it gave me the greatest enjoyment to see the process take place so seamlessly. This is my first venture into directing a comedy, so it was exciting all the way around.”

The students also enjoyed this adventure as they were able to explore the depths of their own acting and cinematic expressions. “REC” promises to be a trendsetter in the short film space!

Watch this wonderful short film “REC” here.

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