‘Lights, Camera, Action’ – stunts and action sequence training @ Tent Cinema

Tent Cinema Acting Classes cover a wide gamut of subjects, right from voice modulation, acting for the camera, street plays, and full-fledged plays. Stunt training is also an important part of its curriculum.

We all have grown up watching movies that have captured our imagination in ways that can only be experienced through various emotions ranging from awe to thrills. The visual treat of watching the hero of the movie fight against hordes of anti-heroes has always been an integral part.

What takes a single minute of space on the movie screen takes a lot of time to plan and execute. A fight scene in a movie can be a very different type of challenge for even a seasoned actor. At Tent Cinema, students get to learn this art and skill of performing stunts the right way. Subramanya master, who trains students at Tent Cinema, explains that “Safety always comes first when it comes to stunts. To teach these young artists how to execute the stunts in a safe manner is a great experience”. Students learn multiple maneuvers such as jumps and kicks in a safe and controlled manner.

The stunt training is a part of the Intensive and Weekend acting classes; it gives students a unique opportunity to learn all about stunts and action scenes. The training process utilizes landing mats and other equipment. The students learn the skill of action and the associated reaction so that they know how to land during a fall and the energy dynamics of various actions. The Master says “Students enjoy this session a lot; you will always hear the shouts of joy from the students as it gives them a sense of freedom”. The class also shows them how to maintain their fitness and make it a part of their acting profile.

Both men and women, learn the basics of action sequences with equal zeal. It also provides them a sneak-peek into stunt dupes and how the fight sequences are shot.

The stunt master, Subrmanya beams that he enjoys teaching at Tent Cinema, with its wonderful infrastructure of vast spaces, landing mats to practice and all the equipment required for action and stunt training.

Subramanya is a well-known stunt master; he is into stunts and physical fitness training. His journey into the world of stunts and fights in movies started as early as 1984. In his long career, he has worked as a stunt dupe for actors like Shiva Rajkumar, Ravichandran, and many others. He has been a part of over 700 movies so far and has shared screen space with Dr.Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan, Tiger Prabhakar and many more legends of the film fraternity. His career as a stunt master began with Paris Pranaya, directed by Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar himself. He is also a long-standing member of the Karnataka Fighters Association. As a faculty of Tent Cinema, he brings in his vast experience to our acting students.


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